Model Buliding Approach in Multiple Regression

Authors: Zainodin Hj. Jubok, Khuneswari Gopal Pillay, Noraini Abdullah

Year Published: 2018

ISBN: 978-967-2166-14-6





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The problems faced by the undergraduate students in analysing the data on multiple regressions and the importance of this method had inspired the authors to come up with this book. Regression analysis is commonly used by most researchers in business, social and behavioural sciences, biological sciences and many other fields. But there is no proper procedure or approach of model-building in regression analysis.

Therefore, this book is aimed at illustrating the procedures to find the best model and the model-building approach. The model-building approach is important in obtaining the best model that well describes the corresponding data set. This approach can be used in various research fields such as in economics, environmental, biological and medical sciences. The multiple regression model-building approach is applicable in various fields of research. It is very useful for researchers to obtain the best model that well describes the data. The approach is also useful in identifying the factors that will affect the dependent variable.

The overall thrusts of the authors’ efforts have been geared in explaining explicitly the statistical method using regression analysis, the model building procedures and its applications, so as to meet the needs of today’s students. A substantial effort has gone in addressing multicollinearity issues and illustrating steps to overcome them.

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