The Development and Management Of Cooperatives in Malaysia

Author: Mohd Khairuddin Hashim, Syed Azizi Wafa Syed Khalid Wafa
Year Published: 2015
ISBN: 978-967-0521-53-4





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The Development and Management of Cooperatives focuses on cooperatives from the Malaysian perspective. The book not only offers a comprehensive overview of the development of cooperatives in Malaysia but also highlights the strengths and weaknesses of these organizations. Additionally, in view of their strengths and weaknesses, the book proposes the adoption of strategic management among cooperatives to ensure their sustainability. Importantly, the book explains how to develop the management knowledge and skills needed to overcome the problems and challenges faced by the cooperatives.

                The book consists of eight chapters. Each of the chapters in the book emphasizes on a specific topic that is not only relevant but of concern to the cooperatives. As a whole, this book provides insightful information concerning the issues that can help readers to not only better understand cooperatives as organizations but also how to manage them more efficiently and effectively.

                Since the book addresses various developmental and managerial issues of importance to cooperatives, it serves as a useful reference text for students studying cooperatives, management of cooperatives and policymakers responsible for fostering the management, development as well as growth of cooperatives.

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