Malaysia's Relation With Saudi Arabia 1957-2003

Author:  Asmady Idris
Year Published: 2015
ISBN: 978-967-0521-52-7

This book discusses Malaysia’s relation with Saudi Arabia, especially from 1957 until 2003. The relations between these two countries were established in ancient times and have continued to the modern period of the international system.

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During pre-modern times, particularly in the era of the Malacca Sultanate until the pre-independence period, the character of the relationship merely evolved in the area of traditional-commercial trading activities, religious education and pilgrimage.

Since the granting of independence in 1957, Malaysia has strengthened its relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The degree of these relations has covered modern diplomatic-political as well as socio-economic interactions. In discussing this further, the book concentrates on four key determining factors that influence the relationship.

The four key determining factors are nature of state and political governance interests, economic determinants and religious affiliation (domestic factor), and the membership of a few small states’ organizations (systemic or international factor). The author believes that this book is suitable to all kind of readers who have a deep interest in the International Relations of the Middle East, and in particular, to the teachers and students of higher learning institutions.

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