A Guide For Adressing Stress Among Medical Students

Editors: Urban John Arnold D'Souza, Ahmed Faris bin Abdullah, Atiqah Chew Abdullah, Mohammad Saffree bin Feffree

Year Published: 2018

ISBN: 978-967-2166-17-7





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The medical curriculum been very vast and new technologies, information overload and in-depth subject knowledge and skills have to be learned to prepare the medical students to be life savers and helping in task of curing the health of ailing persons. Demand on holistic and integrated learning further enhanced the task of amalgamating the basic sciences and clinical knowledge that have to be mastered at a deeper level.

Each year of medical course and long-hour burning out keep a student under pressure. Academic and non-academic issues and the level of stress are day-to-day affair and stress perception varies from individual to individual; some may be able to cope with their stress easily whereas a good number find difficulty in coping and may end up with psychological to psychiatric problems that need to be addressed timely. This book systematically unveils the readers to understand and take steps in dealing with stress and come over it with positive approach.

This book shall help medical students and also other faculty students to understand the basis, problems with stress, coping and leading a healthy student life. Since medical studies are spread over a five long years followed by hospital housemanship, stress of life need to be balanced and systematically coping techniques shall help a student to get over the stress experience and help in leading a healthy positive student life with a good success. This book shall definitely be a guide which every student needs to read and learn everything about student stress and coping strategy. 

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