Wild Fungi of Sabah: A Pictorial Documentation

Authors: Piakong Mohd. Tuah, Markus Atong, Nur Zaida Zahari

Year Published: 2018

ISBN: 978-967-2166-12-2





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Wild fungi have beautiful shapes, colours, some with sweet distinctive smell and uniqueness, which play an enormous contribution in many aspects of our life. Little is known about the species diversity and distribution of wild fungi in Malaysia in spite of knowing that there are enormous species to be discovered and documented.

This book is to share knowledge and photos of the fungi kingdom found in Sabah. The species were photographed in their natural habitat intended to show the variety of colours, shapes and uniqueness in their respective natural habitats. It will create awareness on the diversity and distribution of wild fungi, research opportunities in the field of mycology in Malaysia and simply to instil love for nature.

Hopefully, it will also create networking for collaboration in the research, publication and identification for the wild fungi of Sabah.   

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