Mentor-Mentee Handbook

Editor: Soong Shui Fun, Bella Puvok, Narasappa Kumaraswamy

Year Published: 2018

ISBN: 978-967-2166-11-5





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This Mentor-Mentee handbook is a simple, lucid way of explaining the nature and type of mentoring in the educational set up. Its main objective is to introduce the teaching facilitation for mentoring principles and techniques.

This handbook contains eleven chapters that include brief introduction, characteristics of a successful mentor, roles and responsibilities of a mentor, roles of a mentee, essentials of mentoring relationship, mentoring process, mentoring skills, types of mentoring and mentoring stages. It also briefly highlights the importance of overcoming obstacles in mentoring relationship and a brief summary.

Most of the information in this handbook is from the experiences of the authors in the field of education and involving actively with mentor-mentee programme. It is written and meant for all teachers in the educational set-up specifically in the higher education, colleges and universities.

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