Murut: Design and Design Heritage

Author: Ismail Ibrahim

Year Published: 2019

ISBN: 978-967-2166-43-6


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Custom, culture and habits that have been that were once practiced by the Murut clan are highly valuable heritage assets. Hence the author considers it necessary to note and record so that the new generation will be able to know and understand the cultural and artistic heritage of their ancestors. Ironically, if there is no effort to showcase this treasure, there will be no notes nor concrete evidence on this heritage that they can be proud of.

The demonstration of Murut motifs are closely linked with their everyday lifestyle. Life that is dependent on natural resources and located within the vicinity of the highlands makes the Murut clan innovative and skilled in producing creations that are intended for the needs of their daily life. This can be seen in the designs on the surface of weavings, body decorations, carvings, hunting signs as well as the decorative styles in attires; all these represent features that are characterized by nature has extremely valuable philosophies. Apart from the purpose of daily use, these motifs are displayed in custom and cultural ceremonies to show their importance in the scope of the life of this community.

This book not only record and document motifs that are the breaths of life of this community, but it also functions as an identification tool and an iconology that highlight the unique culture of the Murut clan. Paradoxically, these motifs are beginning to lapse in the memory of the younger generation and the efforts of the author in gathering and recording data for over 10 years, is timely. This book is appropriate as the main reference for students and researchers interested in continuing the study of this community in the future.

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